Valley Dairy Freeze, Inc.

What is a Boston Shake?

A Boston Shake is a unique item to Valley Dairy Freeze. It is a combination of shake/malt and a sundae, in either a 14 (small) or 20 (large) oz sizes. You get to create your very own and unique combination and can be as crazy and wild as you want with the choices.
A Boston Shake

How to Order a Boston Shake!

"I'd like a  small/ large shake flavor sundae flavor Boston Shake with/without whip cream and with/without nuts."

EX:  "I'd like a large strawberry chocolate Boston Shake with whip cream and nuts."-Meaning you want a strawberry shake and a chocolate sundae.
"I'd like a peanut butter-fudge  banana Boston Shake with whip cream, no nuts"-meaning you want a peanut butter-fudge shake and a banana sundae.